+4 years old

Jury's Award in a International Theater Festival for Children à Bucarest, Roumanie

The best creative work Award in a International Children's festival of Kotor, Montenegro

Ma Tache is a visual journey without words where shadows are brought to light through play and power of the imagination.


"Amusing, playful, poetic and magical, something clownish or extravagant, even sharp, "Ma Tache" is halfway between shadow theatre and gesture theatre without words".
"A deeply light and slightly deep clown show".
"An elegant show, thanks to the delicacy of its main performer, surprising and sometimes clownish, exploring altered states".
"It has the peculiarity that the children laugh joyfully with the twists and turns of their story because they play with their own shadows. However, the apparent simplicity of their proposal opens up to unexpected levels of reading and to stimulating resonances for the older children, even for adults. ». You switch on with a click, the light appears and obeys you. Isn't it divine? From light comes shadow. Our heroine makes it her playground.

Today, on her birthday she is alone and strange things happen in Rita's flat. A cold, uncluttered universe, where everything is perfectly under control.

Suddenly, a sudden outburst of energy cracks her daily routine ...
Rita loses control. Her imagination gets carried away and another person is invited to the party. But who is she? What is she doing here?


Design and writing:  Clara Lopez Casado

Distribution:  Clara Lopez and Natalia Weinger, Monica Varela or Luis Javier Córdoba

Staging:  Olivier Mahiant

Exterior eye:  Marie Limet

Scenographic:  Sandrine Clark

Music:  Gilles Kremer

Illumination:  Mark Elst et Sébastien André

TechniciansSébastien André ou Rodolphe Maquet

Dramaturgical advisor:  Jean Lambert

Editor:  Laura Nicolas

Photography (credits):  Line Lerho, Bernard Boccara, Rocia Paris, Françoise Tournemernne, Chela Di Diego

With the help of La Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles service théâtre et du CCBW.

With the support of La Cie de la Casquette, Le Théâtre du Tilleul, Le Cc du Pays de Collines, Le Wolubilis, La Commune d'Ixelles service culture, Le CCBW, La Roseraie, La Maison de la Marionnette de FWB, Le Théâtre de La Montagne Magique et le Petit Théâtre de la Grande Vie à Forzé.

Thanks to Natalia Martinez, Bernard Senny, Vera Glez, Monica Varela, Céline Pellin, Vincent Raoult, Justine Moreau, Antoine Clette et Manuel Bernard.

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